"Please remember – what exactly allows us to be united now, united for justice.
Every person matters. That is, every person is important, every life is important.
Glory to all those who protect Ukraine and the international order on the legal front!
Glory to all who are now fighting for Ukraine!"

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Громадська спілка "Всеукраїнська асоціація гідів"

Civic Union "Ukrainian Tourist Guides Association"

Всеукраїнська Асоціація Гідів - Секції ВАГ
Ethno Tourism
Kyiv for foreigners
Museum tourism
Youth tourism
Interpretation of cultural heritage
Children's tourism section
Gastronomic tourism
Bicycle tourism
Military-historical and Castle tourism
Excursion tours
Archeology and ancient history
Industrial tourism
Active and adventure tourism
Interpretation of historical, cultural and natural heritage. Viacheslav Areshchenko, trainer UTGA, IE member
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